Why Steph Curry's security guard once tackled fan in parking garage


Ralph Walker retired in July 2018 after providing security for the Warriors for seven years.

His retirement only lasted one season because Steph Curry asked him to come back and Walker couldn't say no.

Hey speaking of the two-time NBA MVP -- you probably want to hear about a time when Walker had to step in and protect Curry, right? 

It's your lucky day.

From Marcus Thompson of The Athletic:

Finally, at the 2017 ESPYs, Curry got a glimpse of the shadow figure behind the kind man he trusts with his life. “The Equalizer” character showed up.

“Oh yeah,” Curry said, smiling as his eyes lit up. “At the award show. I’ll never forget that.”

Walker was accompanying Curry and his wife to their car after the show in Los Angeles when a fan jumped out of nowhere in the garage. He was an autograph seeker who had been waiting to get a private moment with Curry. But he was forced to explain that from the ground. Before he could speak, Walker laid him out. It all happened so quickly.

“When I put them in the car,” Walker said, “I could see them giggling.”

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Don't mess with Ralph.

It's really simple.

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