Why Kerr emphasizing 3-point shooting for Warriors this season

Steve Kerr Steph Curry

Steve Kerr has made it clear over the years that he doesn't want the Warriors to be a team that chucks up a ton of 3-pointers on a nightly basis.

He just wants to get the best look possible on each possession, and very much believes the mid-range still has a place in today's NBA.

But it sure sounds like he is open to a tweak when it comes to Golden State's 3-point shooting this season.

"I don't know where we will stand among the other 29 teams, just because every year it seems like teams are taking more and more," Kerr told the media Tuesday afternoon. "We definitely would like to keep the floor spaced, to get guys behind that 3-point line in transition and in the halfcourt.

"It's an area of emphasis for us this year. Not necessarily how many 3s we take, but just getting a little better spacing on the floor. That naturally should lead to more 3s, but I don't really know how that's gonna look. I don't have a number in mind."

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Kerr will not be pleased if the Warriors start jacking up contested 3s just to increase their attempts from beyond the arc.

He doesn't want his players to hunt low-percentage 3-pointers outside the flow of the offense.

"Everything has to happen organically," he explained. "You put people in spots and in spaces, you run certain actions and you start to get a feel for the team.


"But I don't sit here and emphasize that with the guys every day. They practice the hell out of their shooting, and we work to try to get them in good positions and then we just play basketball."

Many people (including myself) have focused on Draymond Green improving his percentage from deep. But Kerr is not concerned about that area for the three-time NBA champion.

We will leave you with one statistic that shows how much the league values 3-pointers. The Warriors in 2015-16 led the NBA with 31.6 attempts per game. Last year, 21 teams shot at least 31.8 triples per game.

That is wild.

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