Why Kerr sees shades of Bogut in Pacers star Sabonis' game


Indiana Pacers star Domantas Sabonis had his way with the Warriors in last week's 104-95 win at Chase Center, scoring 18 points, pulling down 14 rebounds and dishing out six assists.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr told KNBR on Friday that he saw shades of his former center Andrew Bogut in Sabonis' game during Tuesday's loss.

"He reminds me a lot of Andrew Bogut, you can run your whole offense through him," Kerr said on "Tolbert, Krueger and Brooks." "Hit him and back cut, and come off for DHOs and he's gonna dive and get buckets around the rim."

Bogut's unique ability to distribute from the center position was a focal part of the Warriors' first run to a title in 2015, as Bogut was able to take pressure off the Splash Brothers by setting them up with hard screens and accurate passes all over the court.

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Sabonis is leading the NBA in minutes per game so far in the 2020-21 season, and averaging 21.9 points, 12.8 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game.

Kerr likely wants to see his new center, 2020 No. 2 overall pick James Wiseman, develop some of that ability to pass, although we've already seen his surprising handle in taking the ball coast-to-coast numerous times for the Warriors this season.

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