When the 2018-19 season began, the Warriors had the seventh-oldest roster in the NBA. When the 2019-20 season began, the Warriors had the third-youngest roster in the NBA.

"We got young quick," Golden State general manager Bob Myers recently said on a call with season-ticket holders. 

So as the Warriors' front office makes plans for the roster moving forward, one thing is pretty clear.

"I think one idea is to get a little older," Myers said. "Not super old but to add some guys that are a little bit more veteran and shore things up there.

"We were so young this year. Obviously, it was a transition year for us ... but we'll see what we can get. Free agency is always unpredictable. I always say it's predictably unpredictable. You don't know what $4 or $5 million is going to get you."

It's unclear if Myers was referring to the taxpayer mid-level exception when he mentioned "$4 or $5 million." That exception is supposed to be worth around $6 million, but it's expected to drop because of the loss in revenue with the league suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic.

As of now, the Warriors will have a very high first-round draft pick (projected top-five) and two second-round picks (from the Utah Jazz and Dallas Mavericks). If all three selections are on the Opening Night roster next season, that would be the opposite of getting "a little bit more veteran."


Assuming they keep their first-rounder -- it's possible that the Warriors will end up trading the second-rounders, or maybe they hold on to them and sign those players to two-way contracts to free up roster spots for free-agent additions.

Money will be tight this offseason for most teams around the league, so there should be some very solid minimum-salary options for the Warriors.

"There probably will be certain players we like that we get outbid on," Myers said. "There may be some that we were surprised we have a chance to sign. There may be a lot of ties that we hope we can break if we get down into the conversation of signing a minimum player.

"You hope our organization, our leadership -- a guy like Steph Curry getting on the phone with a player, Steve Kerr coaching that player and getting on the phone with him -- would be beneficial."

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Oh, and in case you missed this yesterday:

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