Why Draymond wants to emulate Tony Romo as TV analyst


At various times over the last several years, people across the basketball word noted how Draymond Green would be an awesome studio analyst once his playing career is over.

It turns out that we didn't need to wait for the three-time NBA champion to retire to see him put on a broadcasting hat.

The Warriors' star forward did some TV work for TNT the last couple of months, and was nothing short of excellent.

You know who else is a fantastic analyst? That would be former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who is somebody Draymond tries to emulate.

“I love to try to educate through the TV position,” Green told the New York Times' Marc Stein. "The offense is lined up and the defense is lined up and he’s telling us exactly what the offense is about to do because of what he sees.

"Similar to Tony Romo, I want to give the world insight on what is actually going on out there on the court, as opposed to people thinking they know what’s going on.”

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Green's basketball IQ is off the charts, and his perspective is greatly appreciated. You truly learn things about the game when listening to him talk.

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And you can also pick up a thing or two (or 10) when he live tweets certain games.


Romo reportedly makes around $17 million per year from CBS. If and when Draymond becomes a full-time broadcaster, he isn't going to take home that kind of dough.

But he will be paid handsomely, and basketball fans will be fortunate to have access to his knowledge and personality.

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