Why Warriors big man Chriss decided to record first rap album


Marquese Chriss resurrected his career with the Warriors last season, and now seems poised to play in the NBA for a long time.

But if basketball doesn't work out, perhaps he turns to ... rapping.

Chriss released his first album Oct. 2, which includes seven songs. So how did this come to fruition?

Well, the 23-year-old recently explained to Wes Goldberg of the Bay Area News Group that he has been writing lyrics since he was a freshman at the University of Washington. And shortly after the NBA season was suspended in mid-March because of the coronavirus pandemic, Chriss and one of his college teammates began making songs.

Soon thereafter, things got more serious.

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"Then my friend 2kkhari that I’ve known since I was probably in fifth grade -- he actually raps, this is what he does for a career and is making a living off of it -- we talked to each other like ‘You want to make a song?’ That song (“I Remember”), the way that that happened is funny," Chriss said. "We went (to Sacramento) and we were recording a bunch of other songs and we had that beat, but neither of us had written for it. I had the verse and the hook, but I had it written for a different beat.

"So I was like ‘All right, I might as well just go in there’ and then I just went in there and said it and I had put a bunch of different parts from other verses that I had already written but didn’t put on a song and it just came out. It turned out well."

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Is Chriss trying to supplant Damian Lillard as the best rapper in the NBA?

"(Laughs) Nah. He’s a rapper. I do it for fun," he told Goldberg. "It’s something for me just to vent and let some energy out and let some things that are going on in my head out. But he’s amazing. I listen to him and I think it’s dope what he’s doing -- merging the gap between athletes and the music industry.

"So I don’t think that there’s even a competition there. I do it for fun."

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