Why Warriors signing IT in free agency could make sense


It's possible that as of Saturday afternoon, the Warriors' front office was not considering signing Isaiah Thomas in free agency this October.

And it's entirely possible that Golden State management has not changed its mindset whatsoever despite what the 31-year-old said on social media over the weekend.

But if we assume the Warriors are interested in adding the 5-foot-9 guard, that would make some sense.

Let's start by acknowledging that it sure sounds like Thomas has the right perspective when it comes to his future. He didn't tweet that he should start and play 30 plus minutes per game. He knows he would come off the bench and provide a specific role -- one the Warriors could need to fill depending on what else happens this offseason. 

There might be nights where coach Steve Kerr doesn't put Thomas into the game. If he is totally OK with this and is willing to do whatever is asked of him, he would be a great veteran presence to have in your locker room.

Furthermore, the two-time NBA All-Star would not break the bank as he would come onboard via a minimum contract. And depending on what happens with his market, perhaps the Warriors would be able to sign him to a non-guaranteed deal. This would allow the franchise to get a good look at him in training camp -- and maybe even the first couple months of the season -- before making any determination.


Another thing that bolsters Thomas' case is the fact he shot a career-high 41.3 percent from 3-point territory this past season on 4.7 attempts per game. That isn't a small sample size, and there's reason to believe that mark can be replicated.

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Additionally, there's something to be said about a player who feels like he has a lot to prove joining forces with an organization that is incredibly motivated to get back to championship contention. So that definitely would be a match.

Having said all of this, there are legitimate concerns about Thomas' health and his defensive capabilities. We know how much general manager Bob Myers values length on the perimeter, and he might not even entertain signing a small guard like Thomas.

No matter what happens, yours truly hopes the No. 60 overall pick from the 2011 NBA Draft gets another chance somewhere and thrives.

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