For years, many Warriors fans have been screaming for coach Steve Kerr to let Steph Curry receive high ball screen after high ball screen.

And Kerr has repeatedly said he knows that style would yield great production, but that it's not what he believes in. His philosophy is all about player and ball movement, as he wants all five guys touching the basketball and creating for others.

Curry's personal trainer -- Brandon Payne of Accelerate Basketball -- was recently a guest on "The Habershow" podcast with NBC Sports' Tom Haberstroh, and explained why Curry isn't a "100 ball screens per game" player:

"I think he could play that role, it's just not in his makeup to be that guy for 48 minutes. He is a guy that's gotten really comfortable with ball movement.

"He doesn't want to stand out there and dribble the basketball into the ground and dribble the air out of it. That's not his thing. We've gotten to the point where it's one, maybe two moves -- if the shot's not there or the drive's not there, you move the ball and you create space with your movement.

"That's really his comfort zone. To ask him to dribble the ball and go from a DHO (dribble hand off) into a ball screen and do all these different things, you're really putting a lot of additional load on him, (and) you're putting him outside of his comfort zone."

You hear that Warriors fans? Does this make sense to you? Has your mind changed? Or are you still upset the two-time NBA MVP doesn't get to play like Damian Lillard or Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker or Trae Young or Lou Williams?

Keep in mind that there are times when Kerr unleashes Curry in pick-and-roll situations -- like in the fourth quarter of Game 6 last year in Houston.

I'll never forget when Curry said the following after he scored 49 points against the Celtics on Jan. 27, 2018:

You just have to accept that with Kerr at the helm, the pick-and-roll only will be a component of the Warriors' offense, and not the identity.

Three championships and five straight trips to the NBA Finals is pretty dang good, right?

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