Why Warriors' Steve Kerr feels like a 'fool' about coronavirus problem


Warriors coach Steve Kerr doesn't have to go far when searching for expertise in public health. If more people had the same access he does, one wonders if we'd be in a better position right now as it relates to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Kerr's son, Nick, has a masters degree in public health from Cal. He studied pandemics while in school, and apparently had been informing his father about the coronavirus for the last several weeks.

"The possibility of our healthcare system being overwhelmed and the repercussions of that is the scariest thing," Kerr told The Athletic's Anthony Slater in describing what he had learned from his son. "There’s plenty of information that’s out there that’s really scary."

"It’s really scary," Kerr continued. "You don’t want people to panic. On the other hand, don’t go to a f---ing concert. But then again, who am I to say that? I was coaching in a basketball game with 15,000 fans like four nights ago. So I feel like a fool."

Kerr's right. It would be somewhat hypocritical to criticize those who continue to refuse practicing social distancing. Then again, we're far more aware as a society about how the coronavirus is contracted and spreads than we were at the beginning of the week, so it's not exactly apples to apples.

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While Kerr is rightfully fearful of the coronavirus' impact, he is somewhat optimistic given the recent successes other nations have had in dealing with it.

"The good thing is there are some examples in South Korea and China where they have done social distancing and it appears the bell curve of the disease is trending in the right direction," Kerr explained.

Like Kerr, you might also be feeling like a bit of a fool for the actions you took before becoming aware of the outbreak. But, like Kerr, now that you are, you can help everyone else get through it by being responsible and keeping others in mind.