Why Kerr will be happy with NBA's reported new attire rule


It was always a question for me: Why do coaches have to dress a certain way during games?

For baseball, the staff has to dress like the players … yeah, that’s another blog. In basketball, NBA coaches are required to wear a sport coat … well, they used to. A new rule regarding their attire could make Warriors coach Steve Kerr very happy. 

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported, citing sources, the previous rule will no longer be in effect. Coaches, however, must wear business attire and must wear facemasks during the games. 

Why would Kerr be happy about this?

Back in August, Kerr quote tweeted ESPN’s Jay Bilas, who mentioned there shouldn’t be a reason for coaches to wear suits and ties. Especially after the more relaxed feel the coaches had in the NBA bubble. Most of the coaches were wearing short-sleeved polos in Orlando.

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The coaches can’t be too relaxed, of course. According to Woj, they can’t wear track pants during games.

This appears to be a good compromise.

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