Why Kerr wants Steph, Draymond to play whole 1st, 3rd quarters

Steph Curry Draymond Green

Steph Curry and Draymond Green are in lockstep when they share the basketball court.

Their chemistry is off the charts.

So it makes perfect sense as to why the Warriors' coaching staff wants their minutes to overlap as much as possible.

"Steph and Draymond are gonna play the whole first and third [quarters]," Steve Kerr told The Athletic's Tim Kawakami this week on "The TK Show" podcast. "We love that because then both players are closing every quarter -- you get 2-for-1s in those cases.

"Steph -- how many times have we seen it over the years where he closes the quarter with three straight 3s. You even have to factor in the half-court shots. If somebody is gonna shoot a half-court shot, I want it to be Steph Curry. Those three points could be a big deal.

"So we go into every game knowing we want to finish every quarter with Steph and Draymond."

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This topic was discussed within the context of Curry starting nearly every fourth quarter on the bench, and how Kerr decides when to get the two-time NBA MVP back into the game.

So while some have thrown out the idea of tweaking things slightly -- like having Curry go to the bench with two or three minutes remaining in the third quarter so he can be re-inserted earlier in the fourth -- it doesn't sound like you should expect that to happen.


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