Why Warriors were runner-up for many free agents last year

Nic Batum Clippers

The Warriors will be extremely busy over the next couple of months as they face a very, very important offseason.

And president of basketball operations Bob Myers on Monday made one thing very clear.

"I do know we need veterans," he told the media. "We have to add some veterans in free agency. We just have to. We're well aware of that. We actually tried to do it last year with a few guys. So it wasn't as if that mindset didn't exist.

"Doesn't matter -- nobody cares -- but we were in second place with quite a few guys that I think could have helped. But they chose to go to a team -- after Klay [Thompson's] injury -- that they thought they could win more.

"Some even said, 'Had Klay not gotten hurt, I would have come.' Who knows if that's true or not."

It's safe to assume the Warriors were in the mix for players like Nicolas Batum (Los Angeles Clippers) and Marc Gasol (Los Angeles Lakers).

The plan is not to finish runner-up again.

"The thing we hope we've accomplished in the last couple months is proving to some of those kind of guys [we can win the championship]," Myer said. "They have to believe that. I hope we showed that we're close.

"That's what you get when you're looking at a vet minimum guy or a vet taxpayer guy -- that's maybe taking less money -- is, 'Can I win with the Warriors?'


"There's no doubt they like playing with Steph [Curry], they love Steve [Kerr] and I think they view our organization as one that takes care of its players. But those players are in demand, and the contending teams are after them.

"We're gonna try to do it again and I think hopefully will have some more success this offseason."

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How many free agents Golden State pursues will depend on several factors, including what happens with the NBA draft and potential trades leading up to it, Kelly Oubre's situation, the financial outlook, etc.

Plain and simple, the front office has a lot to variables to sort through.

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