GP2 explains why he and young Warriors listen to Draymond


When Draymond Green speaks, players listen. 

Having nearly done it all throughout his 10-year NBA career, Draymond is the Warriors' most vocal leader on and off the court. 

Warriors guard/forward Gary Payton II sat down with Kendra Andrews and Grant Liffman on the latest episode of Dubs Talk, where he discussed Draymond's leadership on the court and why he makes sure to listen to whatever he says. 

"Draymond is our leader," Payton said. "I tell him all the time to make sure to stay on us and make sure we're at our best and he does that. He just wants the best from us and this team, and that's why he has that much passion. He wants us to be great, and not let little things slip up.

"He's doing a hell of a job leading us, as well as Andre [Iguodala]. Keeping us straight, keeping us focused on continuing to win games and head in the right direction."

In a Nov. 10 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, Draymond and third-year guard Jordan Poole got into an argument on the Warriors bench, Poole's first public spat with the Warriors' outspoken leader. 

Payton, on the other hand, has no intentions of going back-and-forth with Green. Whatever he's told to do, or whatever Draymond corrects him on, he's going to do exactly that. 

"I try and learn from those guys, they have been in every situation you can probably imagine in the game, have played at the highest level, in the highest stages in Game 7s, and whatnot," Payton added. "Pretty much what Dray says on the defensive end, I listen. He tells me to do something and I'm going to respect his call and do it. He's our leader on defense and I'm just trying to learn."

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So far the 28-year-old Payton has fit in seamlessly with the Warriors and has quickly developed a rapport with all of Golden State's veteran players. 

If/when Draymond has more wisdom to instill on the Warriors' youngest players, it sounds like they will be all ears. 

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