The world now knows Steph Curry doesn't believe man has landed on the moon

All right ... 

Of course, since making these claims, the Warriors star point guard took a few steps back and said he was "obviously" joking when he made said remarks (whether you believe him or not is up to you). But now we have a fun game to play since this went down.

Well, not a game, but some odds.

The wonderful people at bookmaker.eu just released a prop on who will be the next NBA player to deny the moon landing. 

The front-runner at the moment is Nick Young at +350.

Here are the rest of the players who could be in denial of the moon landing:

JR Smith +550
Michael Beasley +650
John Wall +650
Draymond Green +700
DeMarcus Cousins +800
Dennis Rodman +800
Kyrie Irving +1000
Charles Barkley/Shaq/Ernie Johnson +15000

So, the next time Barkley or Shaq are being interviewed, ask if they believe man has walked on the moon. The worst-case scenario is they would get an invite from NASA for a tour.