The friendship between Zaza Pachulia and Klay Thompson has been well-chronicled and beloved by Warriors fans. From fishing trips to their social media bromance, they formed a hilarious duo.

The two were quite competitive against each other, too, with friendly in-season bets that entertained fans, like their season-long dunk competition, or that time Pachulia outscored Thompson in a playoff game and made sure the media knew about it.

Thompson would go on to win the dunk competition, and a majority of their on-court bets. But he didn't win them all. 

"We promised to each other we would keep it between us," Pachulia revealed on the "Runnin' Plays" Podcast. "But I will tell you one thing: I have a check from Klay Thompson that I have not deposited, and I'm not going to deposit it, I don't care what happens, I could go broke, I'm not going to deposit it. It'll stay in a frame on my wall. Because that's a historic moment where Klay Thompson had to write a check and give it to me because he lost one of the bets." 

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So what was the bet about? 

"I'm not telling you the details," Pachulia answered with a grin.

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