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OAKLAND -- Warriors center Zaza Pachulia has spent this season seeking a very specific trifecta, and he achieved it Thursday night, scoring 10 points, grabbing 10 rebounds and also throwing down a dunk.

Though Pachulia was pleased with the statistics he compiled in a 122-92 rout of the Orlando Magic, he more delighted with winning a playful bet.

He got to shave Kurtis Rayfield’s months-old beard.

“I just finished cutting a lot of hair,” Pachulia said, grinning with satisfaction.

“It was pretty interesting . . . the whole team was there. A bet is a bet, so he kept his word. So I respect that.”

Who is Rayfield? He is in his second season as the team’s physical performance coach, having come to the Warriors in 2015 after two season with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“Take a look at Kurtis next time you see him,” coach Steve Kerr said. “A lot of the guys were excited.”

What was the bet, exactly? If Pachulia managed to achieve a double-double and a dunk in the same game, he could take a razor to Rayfield’s face. In the 68th game of the season, Pachulia came through.

“You might think why didn’t it happen before,” Pachulia said. “But I was just keeping it interesting.

“We have team picture day tomorrow, so (I did it) right before. Perfect timing.”