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Coleman, Patricia, and Darnold headline Week 1 in NFL

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Coleman, Patricia, and Darnold headline Week 1 in NFL

It was an eventful Week 1 in the NFL. From overtime ties to unexpected shootouts to dramatic comebacks, the football season got started off with a bang. On Tuesday night's Quick Slants, Tom E. Curran talked to media people from around the league on various topics, including . . . 

Pats take flyer on Corey Coleman

The Patriots signed Coleman, a former first round pick, yesterday in an attempt to bolster their receiving corp decimated by injury and suspension. The third year Baylor product asked for a trade from the Browns this offseason after running with the second team in training camp. The Buffalo Bills acquired him for a seventh round pick and $3.55 million in guaranteed money. Coleman was later released from a Bills team in desperate need of talent. 

Bill's GM Brandon Beane said the team felt that Coleman "didn't earn a roster spot." But the Bills commmunity may be having second thoughts.

Tim Graham from the Athletic said "I think in New England, there are a lot of Bills fans who are nervous that this guy's going to make the Bills look stupid."

Matt Patricia in early trouble

How early is too early for the hot seat? The former Pats defensive coordinator turned Detriot Lions head coach is feeling the heat after a disatrious start to his coaching career. His Lions lost 48-17 - at home, in primetime, to the Jets. All eyes were on Patricia as his Lions put on a "three-phase debacle," that, according to Justin Rogers of the Detroit News, has fans on edge. Patricia defenses have now allowed 89 points in his last two games, going back to last year's Super Bowl. 

But slow your roll on running Patricia out of town. Rogers says that Patricia has a "naturally long leash" with a hefty five-year contract, matching GM Bob Quinn. 

Sam Darnold, Wonderkid?

The heralded rookie had a rough start to his NFL career, hurling a pick-six on a throw across his body for his first pass attempt. He seemed to find his composure after the early mistake as he completed 16 of his next 20 passes for 198 yards and two touchdowns. 

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News commented "After that first play, you really did see a kid who was in command." He went on to question the play-calling, as a lot of fans did, saying it " was an interesting play call on the first play" and it would have been "a lot safer to run the ball." That being said Offensive Coordinator Jeremy Bates has a lot of trust in Darnold, and the offense will be in what Mehta called "attack mode" all season long.

Watson's healthy, which may make rest of AFC ill

Watson's healthy, which may make rest of AFC ill

If you don't know that Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson wears number 4, don't worry.

John Harris is positive that, soon enough, you will.

"If No. 4 stays healthy, I think the Texans are right in [the] conversation (for the AFC Championship)," Harris, a Houston sideline reporter, told Tom E. Curran on Thursday night's edition of Quick Slants. "I think [the Texans] are going to be right in there because No. 4 gives [them] a chance every time he goes out on the field, no matter who he's throwing to. [They] got a shot because Deshaun Watson's healthy.

"If he's not healthy, they'll be 4-12 again."

Watson was the Texans' starting quarterback for 6 1/2 games last season, taking over from Tom Savage at halftime in Week 1 and holding the job until suffering a season-ending ACL tear in practice prior to the eighth game. While the team had a losing record (3-4, counting the Week 1 loss) during his tenure, a lot of that was due to a wave of injuries that decimated the defense; he completed 61.8 percent of his passes for 1,699 yards and 19 touchdowns, with only 8 interceptions, and had a 103.0 passer rating. In addition, his mobility and speed gave the Texans an added dimension that was a true headache for opposing defenses. Houston was 1-8 after he went down, which resulted in the 4-12 record Harris mentioned.

Now he's back and -- according to Harris -- he's better than ever.

"I don't want to scare everybody throughout the AFC, but Deshaun -- from the day that he was cleared, the first day of training camp -- he was like the old Deshaun," said Harris. "He was running around in practice, he did some things in the preseason scrambling out . . . His scrambling ability, his ability to get out of the pocket, those things are still there.

"The ability to create plays made [the Texans'] offense one of the most fun offenses to watch throughout the NFL. When he, Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins were on the field together in four games, they averaged 40 points [a game]. . . . I haven't seen an offense (like this in Houston) since the Warren Moon run-and-shoot days (with the Oilers in the 1980s and early '90s). I mean, we had guys like (former and present Patriots backups) Ryan Mallet and Brian Hoyer (at quarterback), which you guys definitely know about, we watched those guys kind of muddle through -- [and] I don't even want to talk about Brock Osweiler."


"Deshaun is right there." said Harris. "Deshaun is right where he needs to be."





QUICK SLANTS THE PODCAST: Kraft calls rumors of Gronk trade 'a bunch of hogwash'

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QUICK SLANTS THE PODCAST: Kraft calls rumors of Gronk trade 'a bunch of hogwash'


Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss Robert Kraft’s comment that the rumors of him vetoing a trade of Rob Gronkowski are “hogwash.”


3:00: Is there any truth to any of the rumors that the Patriots looked to trade Rob Gronkowski?
6:00: Will Gronk hold out until he gets a new deal?
11:00: Troy Brown joins the podcast to discuss how different things are under Bill Belichick at training camp now compared to when he was a player. 
17:00: The latest on Julian Edelman being tested positive for an unidentified PED.
20:00: Does Edelman have a shot at winning his appeal?