Bill Russell is the Twitter GOAT for response to fan watching Celtics-Blazers

Bill Russell is the Twitter GOAT for response to fan watching Celtics-Blazers

What would Bill Russell have thought of Sunday's NBA bubble thriller between the Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers?

Well, why don't we ask the man himself?

The Celtics legend entered the conversation during the first quarter of Sunday's game, when Marcus Smart's block of Carmelo Anthony and subsequent save to keep the ball in bounds reminded a fan of Russell's patented block-and-save move.

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Except the fan suggested Russell is no longer with us. Which Russell, who turned 86 in February and is very much still with us, took exception to.

Warning: Original tweet contains NSFW language.

While we'd prefer Russell was following Mike Gorman and Brian Scalabrine on NBC Sports Boston's broadcast Sunday, this tweet is why he's the GOAT.

The 11-time NBA champion even tagged Paul Pierce, who "virtually" attended Sunday's game in Orlando on the Celtics' video board. Both C's legends watched their team hold on for a 128-124 win, Boston's first in the bubble.

New England Patriots teammates James White and Ja'Whuan Bentley, meanwhile, joined the internet in sharing a good laugh over this unfortunate mixup.

Smart retweeted Russell's tweet, as well, and we'd imagine the Celtics guard is glad the GOAT is alive -- and still hasn't lost his edge.

Bill Russell had a great response to Kendrick Perkins' LeBron James tweet

Bill Russell had a great response to Kendrick Perkins' LeBron James tweet

There's a common stereotype that today's NBA superstars are more physically gifted than their predecessors, and that NBA legends of years past may not stack up athletically in today's league.

Kendrick Perkins reinforced that stereotype Monday on Twitter -- until one of those NBA legends called him out on it.

Here's the former Boston Celtics big man dubbing LeBron James "the most athletic player in NBA history:"

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And here's Celtics icon Bill Russell, who responded Tuesday night (with evidence) that he was a damn good athlete in his own right:

The original GOAT has spoken. (Also, that video clip of Russell's coast-to-coast layup is incredible.)

As expected, Perkins backpedaled quicker than he ever has on a basketball court:

It's almost impossible to choose the NBA's most "athletic" player, as that's a highly subjective term.

But Russell's tweet is a good reminder that players of his generation were every bit as athletic as today's stars -- all while running the court in Chuck Taylors instead of today's high-tech sneakers.

Celtics legend Bill Russell responds to Donald Trump's 'kneeling' remarks

Celtics legend Bill Russell responds to Donald Trump's 'kneeling' remarks

George Floyd's murder at the hands of a Minnesota police officer has sparked worldwide protests and has brought the subject of athletes kneeling during the national anthem back to the forefront.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started a movement in 2016 by kneeling during the anthem to raise awareness of racism and police brutality. With Floyd's death leading to "Black Lives Matter" protests worldwide, some wonder whether some players will take a knee when sports return.

After New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees called kneeling "disrespectful to the American flag" and subsequently apologized for his comments, President Donald Trump answered by condemning kneeling during the anthem.

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That's when Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell, who has long been involved in civil rights activism, decided to take action by answering Trump's message with a tweet of his own.

Read Russell's tweet below:

Russell, 86, has actively spoken out against racism throughout his lifetime and today's protests have been a reminder of the racial abuse he has endured. On Thursday, he compared today's protests to those that occurred earlier in his life, saying "nothing had changed, and we will see some change but likely not enough."

Years after Russell was involved in the civil rights movement, several Celtics players have followed in the 11-time NBA champion's footsteps. Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Enes Kanter, and Vincent Poirier each recently attended "Black Lives Matter" protests to speak out against the racial injustices that remain prevalent in the country.