BRIGHTON, Mass – Torey Krug said it wasn’t a definite, but that he might have been able to play in a Game 7 on Wednesday night against the Ottawa Senators if the Bruins had managed to survive last weekend’s overtime loss. Krug missed all six playoff games with an MCL strain in his right knee after getting hurt in the second-to-last game of the regular season against Ottawa, and had a tough time watching the playoff series knowing that he could have made a difference. 

The Bruins struggled to move the puck through the neutral zone against the 1-3-1 trap employed by the Senators in portions of the series, and the puck-moving Krug would have been a guy that could have certainly improved that situation greatly. 

“I was pretty close [to a return] and it just sucks that we didn’t have a crack at it with our full team. That was unfortunate,” said Krug, who finished the year fifth in the NHL among defensemen with a career 51 points during the regular season. “It was brutal. I love the playoffs and every player in here would say that they wanted to play and be a part of that. It’s tough for me because this group went through so much this year and we really grew and developed, and we had to work so hard just to get into the playoffs. 

“Then we get into the playoffs and we lose a bunch of guys to injuries. It just sucks for the other guys because we never really had a fair crack at it in the playoffs without the full lineup. I don’t think there were many teams that wanted to play us going into the playoffs [before the injuries].”


Krug said that the injury wouldn’t require any surgery after he’d resumed skating toward the end of last week, and he said he’d be healthy and interested in playing if Team USA called for his services for next month’s World Championships in Europe.