BRIGHTON, Mass – Kevan Miller wasn’t shy about calling out Evander Kane for hiding behind the linesmen when two nearly came to blows in Saturday’s matinee with the Buffalo Sabres and he didn’t really hold back after Kane targeted him on Twitter after the fact.

For those that missed it, both Miller and Kane were penalized in Boston’s 3-1 win over the Sabres at TD Garden as refs intervened with a fight brewing. Kane was slapped with a 10-minute misconduct when he wouldn’t cooperate with the refs attempting to break up the fracas and Miller said postgame that Kane “was excited to fight when the referees came in, not before.”

So Kane fired back at Miller, in a way that any Millenial would approve of, on Twitter:

The hard-nosed, UFC-loving Miller was apprised of Kane’s tweet prior to chatting with the media on Sunday following Bruins practice and he had a few more things to say before closing the subject for now.

“You saw the game, right? I said my piece after the game. He wanted to fight when the refs came in and now he’s using Twitter, which is whatever-you-want-to-call-it. He seems to have to say that when we don’t play them again. That’s my thought,” said Miller. “He knew I wanted to [fight]. There’s no ands, ifs or buts about it.


“Everybody on his team knew I wanted to and I’m pretty sure everybody on his team knows how I feel about him. There’s always next year.”

Miller has been actively trying to engage Kane in a fight for the past couple of years in a bit of a long-running feud between Atlantic Division rivals, but it remains to be seen if the controversial Kane is even still with the Sabres the next time they line up against the Bruins. 

One thing is for sure, however: Kane gets the first Twitter Tough Guy Award for 2017 for using social media to try and call out Miller after failing to engage with him prior to the linesmen again busting up a budding hockey brawl.