Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while diligently avoiding Rogue One spoilers until I can go see the movie.

*It’s a rough ending in Columbus, and potentially a sour ending to his NHL career, for Gregory Campbell, who was put on unconditional waivers on his 33rd birthday before having his contract terminated. I’m guessing that wasn’t just a coincidence by the Blue Jackets organization after Campbell was resistant to reporting to the minors. It’s a damned shame this is the way it’s ending for a selfless, courageous player that was a true pro during his time with the Bruins, and sacrificed everything he had on the ice for the betterment of the Black and Gold. I won’t pretend to know the circumstances of what went down in Columbus, but it feels like something went very wrong between a solid, respected pro and the Blue Jackets organization.  

*A Christmas video essay on hockey during this Yuletide season seems like the perfect way to spend a few moments this week.

*Some questions with Hockey reporter Christine Simpson including subjects like “Slap Shot” and Don Cherry.

*Damien Cox weighs in on Florida Panthers owner Vinnie Viola being nominated as the Secretary of the Army in Trump’s cabinet. I only hope this leads to Jaromir Jagr being nominated to Secretary of the Mullet Department.


*PHT writer and FOH (Friend of Haggs) Mike Halford has the details on Dale Weise getting the old healthy scratch treatment in Philly.

*According to the latest in hockey rumors, James van Riemsdyk is drawing some interest from around the league with the Maple Leafs looking for D-man help.

*For something completely different: So could there be a Freaks and Geeks revival given the still-popular draw of the show and its cast? Hmmm…I’d love to see it.