Clearly Brandon Prust isn’t remorseful when it comes to spearing Brad Marchand in the family jewels.

The Vancouver Canucks' enforcer met with Canucks reporters after practice on Sunday and addressed his $5,000 fine from the NHL Department of Player Safety.

“It’s the best money I’ve ever spent…nah. That’s kind of what I expected would happen,” said Prust, who normally has a reputation as a pretty honest player. “It wasn’t that hard, and he sold it pretty good. I saw him laughing on the bench afterward, so I don’t think he’s very hurt.

“It was just frustration. It happens out there. I wasn’t really trying to injure him. I was just coming by as the puck was coming up the boards, and on my swing by I got my stick active.”

Prust also delivered one parting shot when asked if Saturday night was payback for something Marchand did to him in an earlier meeting between the two players.

“I think he does that every night, so sometimes you want to do it back,” said Prust.  

Alrighty then.

Prust speared Marchand in the groin in the last couple of minutes in Boston’s 4-0 win over the Canucks on Saturday night, and it was pretty clear the intentions weren’t good when he was out there in the closing minutes of a one-sided game.

The Bruins agitator was clearly, and understandably, in a fair amount of pain right after taking the shot to a sensitive area. Marchand did joke about the incident with reporters following the game, and called it getting hit in the “fun spot” before Prust was immediately ejected from the game with a 10-minute misconduct.