Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while working through development camp just like everybody else.

*A good piece by FOH (Friend of Haggs) Kirk Luedeke piggy-backing on the Jimmy Vesey interview I did yesterday at the Foxboro Sports Center. Here is the entire 9-minute interview if you’ve missed it to this point. It sure seems to me like he’s leaning toward signing with the Bruins. What do you think?

*An interesting piece on hockey players, narratives and how they can change over time with perspective, and some reflection. One caveat: labeling everything “narrative” is also a dangerous thing because sometimes truths fade over time as well, and get softened as memories get less pointed about things that happened within a hockey team.

*The Tampa Bay Lightning have been reunited with sparkplug forward Cory Conacher after his odyssey over the last few years after getting traded to the Senators for Ben Bishop.

*Taylor Hall has picked a new number with the New Jersey Devils, and is ready to begin his career in the Eastern Conference.

*There’s no rest for Sidney Crosby after winning the Stanley Cup, and getting ready for a two-day extravaganza with the Cup in his Nova Scotia homeland.


*Here’s another link from last night’s interview with Vesey: this one notes his comments about last week’s meeting with the Buffalo Sabres contingent.

*For something completely different: a very well-done message from Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James at the ESPYs last night about the awful incidents between African-American men and the police, and their responsibility to be more outspoken about those pressing social issues as high-profile athletes.