There were so many statistical categories that the Boston Celtics came out on top of in their 100-85 win over Oklahoma City, picking one isn’t easy.

But when it comes to the Thunder, success against them begins and ends with how you defend Russell Westbrook.

He had a game-high 27 points, but did so on 5-for-20 shooting, with the bulk of his scoring being generated from a ton of trips – 17 to be precise, with 15 makes – to the free throw line.

So it’s one thing to talk about how well the team defended Westbrook.

It’s a totally different matter when you look at the analytics, which strengthen the argument considerably.

Collectively, the Celtics had a team defensive rating of 86.1.

Here we take a look at the nine Celtics players who logged 10 or more minutes on Sunday, and what their defensive rating for the night was.

At the top of the list is Avery Bradley who was among the primary defenders (Marcus Smart was the other) charged with trying to limit the high-scoring Westbrook.

Avery Bradley 70.1
David Lee 73
Kelly Olynyk 77.2
Evan Turner 78.8
Isaiah Thomas 82.3
Jared Sullinger 90.1
Marcus Smart 91.4
Amir Johnson 93.8
Jae Crowder 98.9
Jonas Jerebko 110.5

*Defensive rating is the amount of points allowed per 100 possessions while a player was on the floor; so, the Celtics had a 70.1 Defensive Rating when Bradley was in the game.