The Boston Celtics needed an incredible late-season run to clinch a playoff berth. The Cleveland Cavaliers, on the other hand, have been heavy favorites to win the NBA Championship for much of the season. There's no question that the Cavs were favored to win this series handily.

"This is not all that shocking I think to most people to see the Celtics in this type of hole," Celtics Insider Sherrod Blakely said. "But the one thing that has been disappointing for the Celtics is that from each game to the next, they've gotten better and they still haven't been able to put enough of those positives together in order to get a win."

While the Cavaliers have had a number of hot hands, the Celtics haven't found one guy they can trust to take control at the end of the game.

"Normally Brad (Stevens) likes to go with the hot hand, but in that Game 3 situation, it was all hands on deck," Blakely said. "The guys that he was playing and substituting in and out -- he was looking for someone to catch fire, to catch a rhythm. That's the one thing that hasn't happened at all in this series. They haven't had that guy that puts this team on his back and carry them to victory the way we saw at times this season."

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