NEW YORK – The biggest game of the season for the Boston Celtics is Wednesday night against Cleveland, a game that could very well decide which team winds up with the top overall seed in the Eastern Conference.

And the Boston Celtics, a cut-and-paste crew all season due to injuries and illnesses, may be without Jae Crowder who suffered a left elbow injury in Boston’s 110-94 win at New York on Sunday afternoon. 

“It felt a little weird,” Crowder, talking to reporters, said of the injury after the win. “I don’t even know which play it happened on. I just looked down and saw that it was swollen and I came out of the game.”

Crowder said he's not in excruciating pain, just “a weird type feeling.”

He added, “when I stretch my arm out a little bit, just a weird, tingly feeling.”

It isn’t just Crowder’s 13.8 points Boston would miss, or his rejuvenated play on the boards where he’s averaging a career-high 5.8 this season. 

Crowder’s Swiss Army knife-like defense is what sets him apart from all his teammates. 

And when facing a team like Cleveland, it’s likely the only thing that will keep LeBron James from having a Devin Booker-like night against Boston. 

Making matters even more uncertain is the health of Avery Bradley (stomach flu) who has missed each of the last two games. 

Crowder had X-rays on the elbow taken at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, and they came back negative. 


He said he may have an MRI performed, most likely some time on Monday.