Lederman: Celtics discover elite lineup in rubble of Sunday's loss

Lederman: Celtics discover elite lineup in rubble of Sunday's loss

Max Lederman is the Associate Producer and analytics guru for Celtics programming on CSN. Look for more great stats like this by following @CelticsCSN.


Sunday’s loss to the Suns felt like a swift blow to the nether region, but Brad Stevens may be able to take something positive away from an otherwise forgettable game. The Celtics starting lineup of Isaiah Thomas, Jaylen Brown, Jae Crowder, Jonas Jerebko and Amir Johnson once again proved to be a sneaky good five-man unit for the C’s.

For the game, “The Lineup to be Named Later” played a team-high 15 minutes with an impressive 132.6 Offensive Rating, 31.2 Net Rating and a surprising 56.3 Rebound%.

That lineup has now played a total of 40 minutes together this season over five games. It boasts a +40.1 Net Rating, which, if qualified for the NBA leaderboard (they’re 12 minutes short of the cutoff), would be the best in the entire league. That’s right, better than any Golden State lineup, nuclear or otherwise.

As you can see, this lineup needs a name. Of the 13 five-man units that have played 40-plus minutes for the Celtics this season, they have the best Offensive Rating, Net Rating, Defensive Rebound%, Rebound%, True Shooting% and Assist/Turnover rate.

This unit works because it surrounds Isaiah with length and shooting, providing him with the space he needs to drive to the hoop while not sacrificing on the defensive end. This lineup has also taken care of the ball, averaging just 6.2 turnovers per 100 possessions -- which is second best on the team.

So does this mean Brad Stevens should stick to this starting lineup when Avery Bradley and Al Horford are both healthy? No, it does not. Forty minutes over five games is too small a sample to justify benching two of your best players. What it does mean; however, is that Stevens has a super effective lineup he can turn to if the need arises over the remaining 19 games of the regular season, and maybe even in the playoffs.


San Francisco brewery trolls LeBron with new IPA

San Francisco brewery trolls LeBron with new IPA

Now on tap at San Francisco's Barebottle Brewing Company -- LeBron's tears?

"We took the tears from Sir James' Game 1 loss and distilled them into a hazy IPA, just for you," the brewery writes in its Instagram post unveiling its brand new LeBron Tears IPA. "We also decided that Tears pair well with Mosaic hops. Sad!"

It's not the first time King James has been trolled in the name of suds. After "The Decision" in 2010, Cleveland-based Great Lakes Brewing company unveiled a "Quitness" ale, which came back to bite them years later.

Hey, we're pretty partial to the Bella Czech Pilsner ourselves.

Jaylen Brown vows payback on a former teammate

Jaylen Brown vows payback on a former teammate

It's been about two years since Jaylen Brown found his car full of popcorn as part of his rookie initiation with the Celtics. 

He knows the culprit and he's coming for him.

TMZ Sports caught up with Brown in New York City and asked him about locker room pranks. He quickly recalled his car getting "popcorned" and how he had to pay to have it cleaned up. 

"I'm still mad about it," Brown said. "Amir Johnson, I'm coming for you."

Johnson, the well-traveled former Celtics forward, played for the Philadelphia 76ers last season and, for now, his car has remained popcorn-free.