Jared Sullinger's summer was not filled with exotic vacations and late nights on the town.

In fact, it sounds like it was the exact opposite of that.

Speaking with CSNNE's Mike Gorman and Brian Scalabrine, Sullinger went into detail about his daily routine, which included a 6:15am wake-up call, early morning runs at the track, two-hour basketball workouts, and 30-minute core workouts - all before 10:00am.

Then it was over to the boxing ring for an hour and a half, where Sullinger admitted he had some fun despite the tiring workout.

After a nap, it was back to the gym and depending on the day of the week, back to the track to finish things off.

And repeat the next day.

Despite the tireless workouts, Sullinger said he was "ecstatic" he spent his summer this way.

"My biggest thing going into the summer was be in the best shape as possible," Sullinger said. "Don't worry about a number. I could be 240 [pounds] but I still might not play the same. I think it was just become comfortable with what you are, and this is who I am. And from there move forward."

Sullinger worked out with former NBA guard and trainer John Lucas, and Lucas did not go easy on him whatsoever.

"He just never let me slack," Sullinger said. "When I looked like I was tired, he put me on the line. When I looked like I was moving too fast, he put me on the line. There was no gray area. It was just like, 'Oh, you've got energy today? OK get on the line we're gonna run.' Then if I'm looking tired he's like, 'Oh, you're tired? Let's get on the line.' No matter how good or how bad I looked, he just made me run. And mentally that got me prepared for when I'm tired, keep running, when I'm feeling great, keep running, when I'm in-between, keep running. It was a big-time help."

Check out the video for more, including Sullinger's thoughts on people "obsessing" over his weight.