LAS VEGAS – Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas is an All-Star and at 5-foot-9, has a way of standing out when it comes to the NBA’s best players. And as much as young fans look up to him and idolize what he has done as a player, he too is a fan of great talent.

So as much as he tried to contain himself, Thomas readily admits to his inner fanboy coming out when he met New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as part of the Celtics contingent that tried to convince Kevin Durant to join the Celtics.

Durant, who has played the past nine seasons for the Oklahoma City Thunder, ultimately decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors. But as much as the focus was on trying to convince Durant to be a Celtic, Thomas and the rest of his teammates - based on all the pics posted on social media sites - were clearly caught up in Brady-mania.

“I’ve always been a fan of (Brady),” Thomas said while attending a Celtics summer league game here in Las Vegas. “But getting to meet him, I’m even more of a fan. I’m not usually star-struck. But that was one of those cases … I didn’t know what to ask him. He’s so down to earth.”

After meeting with Durant in the Hamptons, Thomas said he and Brady exchanged numbers with Brady reaching out to him via text later that night.


It was his first time meeting Brady, but Thomas said it definitely won’t be the last. 

“I’m going to keep in touch with him,” Thomas said.

In fact, don’t be surprised if Thomas shows up at a practice or two this fall.

And the reason is simple.

Thomas strives to be the best NBA player he can possibly be, and with that he tries to surround himself with similar-minded, high achieving athletes.

That’s why one of his closest friends is boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr., one of the greatest fighters in the modern era.

And along those lines, he sees Brady as one of the best at his profession, which is why he says he will be at some Patriots practices to “see how the greats prepare themselves.”

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