LaVar Ball does not want the Celtics to draft his son if they get the first overall pick, but what if they do?

Ball has made a number of television appearances and has raised eyebrows with his comments, most notably that he thinks his son, top NBA prospect Lonzo Ball, is better than reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry. 

Asked whether his big personality might lead him to interfering with his son’s career, Ball vowed that he would not meddle with Brad Stevens or any other coach his son ends up having. 


“No; I didn’t do that with [UCLA coach Steve] Alford,” Ball said Thursday on WEEI's Dale & Holley with Rich Keefe. “You know what you’re getting from my boys when you get them. Anything before that, in high school, you don’t know what you’re getting, so I have to mold them into these players. 

“Everybody thought I went to practices and all that stuff with Steve Alford. No. I never went to one practice. I’m not going to be up there telling [the coach], wherever [Lonzo] goes, ‘Hey man, you need to play my son like this.’ No, Lonzo’s turned into a man. That’s his job. [Don’t get] the wrong concept thinking, ‘Oh, LaVar’s going to be like hands-on, standing in practice [saying] oh my son don’t do it that way.’ Come on, now. You don’t do that with nobody’s job. When you let your kids go and turn into men, all you can do is guide them. Then you’ve got to let him go. I let Lonzo go last year.”