BOSTON – After consulting with a number of doctors both within the Celtics organization and outside of it, it has become a matter of when – not if - Kelly Olynyk will have to have surgery on his right shoulder.

But Olynyk isn’t quite ready to commit to having it surgically repaired this summer, a summer in which the Canadian National team for which he is a key member, is still in the process of trying to qualify for the summer Olympics in Rio.

“If I rest it, I would definitely partake in the Olympic (qualifying tournament),” Olynyk told CSN at a fundraising event for Horizons for Homeless on Sunday. “That would be the reason to not get surgery at this point. If you rest it, it’ll get better but never solve the problem. That’s what we’re looking at.”

If Olynyk does decide to have surgery, he’ll have to make that call within the next week or so.

Doctors have indicated to Olynyk that his recovery time from surgery on the right shoulder would be around five months.

Getting surgery immediately would still likely result in him missing some or all of training camp. And depending on how his shoulder responds following surgery, he could potentially miss the start of the season.

That’s why Olynyk said he’ll make a decision very soon.

“I’m still looking at it,” Olynyk said. “Probably make a decision sooner than later because the recovery is so long if you do get it. It’s hard to give up, Olympics, but when you do look at it, if you get hurt it’s even worse to give up the next season. It’s a tough decision.”


“The doctors are saying it’s kind of inevitable,” Olynyk said.

Which is why if you’re betting on how this all plays out, you can expect Olynyk will have surgery and return in time for the Celtics to begin the 2016-2017 season.

This past season, Olynyk suffered a right shoulder injury against the Los Angeles Clippers in the last game prior to the All-Star break.

Olynyk went on to miss 12 regular season games due to the injury in addition to a pair in the playoffs. And when he did play, he struggled mightily in part because of the injury.

Last season, Olynyk averaged 10.0 points per game while shooting 45.5 percent from the field and career-high 40.5 percent on 3s.