There’s a good chance that we’ve already seen the shot of the year by the Boston Celtics.

The internet is still buzzing about Jae Crowder’s 94-foot,length-of-the-court, wannabee pass that turned a bank shot that unfortunately for the Celtics did not count.

“I kind of wished it landed in Sully’s hands instead of the basket,” said Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. “I said after watching us struggle to the throw the ball in the basket for two straight first halves, for that one to go in was kind of ironic.”

Stevens knew the shot would not count, but “We should have at least gotten another try,” he quipped. “The officials were looking at each other like, ‘huh, what do we do here?’ I don’t blame them. Nobody’s ever seen that happen. I actually thought about doing a play where you throw it from the side and throw it off the rim and you just go up and try and get a rebound.

Stevens added, “Not doing that anymore because it’ll probably go in.”