BOSTON - If Evan Turner had any trouble with his vision Friday night, you wouldn't know it from watching him in the Celtics' 124-109 win over the Bucks.

Turner, who returned to the court after missing one game due to being poked in the left eye, sported some glasses in order to protect it from further damage.

They didn't seem to bother him. Turner only scored four points (he shot 2-for-6 from the field) but he also dished out nine assists, a sure sign that he could see his targets just fine out there and the glasses weren't a distraction.

"It was cool," Turner said of the eyewear. "At first it’s a little different to get used to, but other than that I felt fine. I think in general we all just started feeling better as a unit as the game kept going."

Turner finished with a team-high plus-26 on the night and also a team-high 32 minutes of playing time, so it looks like he and the Celtics dodged a bullet and the eye will be just fine going forward.

Expect Turner to wear the glasses tomorrow in Atlanta.