Happy National Best Friend Day! In case you didn’t know, National Best Friends Day is a real thing (or at least a fun hashtag on Twitter) and that got me thinking …

  • How many of my best friends consider me a best friend?
  • How many of my best friends consider me a friend?
  • Why do Kyle Draper and Brian Scalabrine have better chemistry than I do with my wife?
  • Does Draper’s relationship with Scal make A. Sherrod Blakely jealous?
  • Will Darren Rovell unblock me on Twitter?
  • Which Celtic is Isaiah Thomas’ best friend?

Answers to these questions are hard to come by, but we can make some educated guesses about the last one. The easy answer is Avery Bradley. Those two have been friends since their days growing up in Washington. But what about on the court? Who was Isaiah Thomas’ best friend on the court?

Thomas and Jae Crowder were the most used duo for the Celtics this year, playing a total of 1,789 minutes together on the floor during the regular season. Thomas’ Net Rating was 6.9 with Crowder on the court, and 0.5 with him on the bench.

Sounds like best friend material, right?

WRONG. Being someone’s best friend is about giving AND taking. Crowder’s Net Rating with I.T. was 6.9, but when Thomas was off the court it shot up to 10.3. You could argue Thomas is just using Crowder, but that’s none of our business.

The player who both helped and was helped by Isaiah Thomas the most was … Jonas Jerebko! Thomas’ Net Rating was 10.2 with the Swedish Swish on the floor, and fell to 3.3 without him. That’s a +6.9 Jonas Bonus. Jerebko got an even bigger boost from playing with Isaiah. Without I.T. Jerebko had a -4.7 Net Rating. That jumps top 10.2 when the Little Guy is in the game.

So there you have it. According to science, Jonas Jerebko is Isaiah Thomas’ best friend on the Celtics.