BOSTON -- The rotation gets a little tighter and the wins continue to pile up for the Boston Celtics who extended their season high-tying winning streak to four games following a 111-103 win over Denver.

Boston (26-21) has won seven of its last nine games, doing so primarily with a nine-man rotation with another player added here and there for good measure.

But on Wednesday, Celtics coach Brad Stevens went with a lineup of primarily eight players with two others -- Jonas Jerebko and Tyler Zeller -- seeing limited minutes off the bench.

Even though Stevens doesn’t use as many players as he has in the past, he’s quick to point out that no one should interpret that as him losing confidence in any of the guys who aren’t playing as much as they used to -- or, in the case of David Lee, not playing at all.

“I believe in all the guys that are playing and I believe in the guys that aren’t,” Stevens said. “And they’re all been really pulling together and pulling in one direction in the locker room.”

Stevens used Zeller in the first half to match up with Denver center Jusef Nurkic, and went with Jerebko matched against him in the second half.

“So you’re just kind of playing that game and seeing what works and figuring it out on the fly,” Stevens said. “You’ve got an idea going into each game how they’re going to play and how they’re going to substitute but that can change. And we’ve been flexible enough with those – that second unit – to do some different things, which has been good.”


And while the rotation seems in a good rhythm now, Stevens knows the guys that aren’t playing are likely to get another shot at getting on the floor at any moment.

“And so the guys that are playing are playing well,” Stevens said. “And when the next man up’s number is called, he’ll play well. It’s just kind of the way you go about it.”