Red Sox

Red Sox

Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones, in an essay and video posted Friday on the Players’ Tribune website, recalled the racist incident with fans at Fenway Park earlier this month, calling it “point-blank disgusting.” 

The essay and video, titled “Hate”, begins with Jones writing

This is not just about Fenway.

This is not just about one drunk guy.

This is not just about Major League Baseball.

For me, this is about my three-year-old son….

Jones goes on to write how "it breaks my heart" that this is how his son will have to learn about hate.

“How am I supposed to talk to my son about what happened?" Jones writes. "Ten years from now, he’ll be 13 years old, and if he Googles his dad, this incident will probably come up. He’ll read a lot of confusing things.

"Maybe he’ll read about how some people didn’t even believe that it really happened.

"Maybe he’ll read about how the fans at Fenway gave his dad a standing ovation the next night."

In the video, Jones says "Boston, I’ve been there many times and heard all kinds of things. Good, bad, ugly. I guess just in this particular night, some people wanted to go to the disgusting.”

Jones concludes the video by addressing those, such as former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, who cast doubt on his version of the incident:  “To the people who are asking me ‘where’s the proof?’ Come play center field and be in my shoes…you don’t have to listen for what I have to listen for. Come be in my shoes and your perspective on life will change dramatically. I can promise you that.”