Red Sox

Red Sox

Hanley Ramirez is not boycotting first base, Red Sox manager John Farrell said Friday, while acknowledging Ramirez’s preference for being the designated hitter.

Farrell said he thinks Ramirez nonetheless wants to play first base at some point.

“I know for a fact he thrives on the DH spot, that’s probably his preference overall,” Farrell said. “But in conversations throughout the winter, once we acquired Mitch (Moreland), the conversations throughout spring training — he understands how our roster is built. 

“He’s not boycotting it, but I know where his preference lies. What’s best for our team, too, has for him going to first base on occasion.”

When that occasion first will be is unclear, and it seems very clear it won’t be too common. At least not for now.

Ramirez’s throwing shoulder has been bothering him and he has to build up throwing, which he’s not exactly doing at a lightning pace.

“He didn’t put a ball in his hand for four or five straight days with the rainout and the four days missed, so that’s being brought along,” Farrell said.

Ramirez on Thursday said he was primarily thinking about hitting when asked how his throwing was coming along.