Red Sox

Red Sox

NEW YORK -- The Red Sox are unlikely to see one of their key stating pitchers until the second half, if at all. has learned that Dr. James Andrews’ recommendation to Eduardo Rodriguez was to attempt to rest for three to four weeks and try to recover conservatively from a right knee subluxation rather than go for surgery. Rodriguez went to Andrews today to receive a second opinion on his injury.


Surgery this season, or really at any time, remains possible.

The news was positive overall for the Red Sox left-hander, because it means there’s a chance he helps down the stretch run. There’s still swelling in Rodriguez’s right knee, but there's said to be no ligament damage discovered.

Rodriguez was headed to New York on Monday, where the Sox open a three-game series with the Yankees on Tuesday.

Eventually, surgery may still be necessary -- be it during this regular season, or in the future -- and that procedure would shelve Rodriguez for roughly five to six months. Another subsequent subluxation of the knee would likely send Rodriguez to the operating table.

The injury is the same Rodriguez suffered in spring training 2016. He was most recently hurt in Baltimore on Thursday, falling over in the bullpen while warming up for the game. Rodriguez said he did not feel discomfort during that 94-pitch start until the next day, when he was put on the disabled list.