Red Sox

Red Sox

BOSTON -- John Farrell was rhapsodizing after another stellar game from David Ortiz -- three hits, four RBI, one homer in the Red Sox' 13-2 win over the Twins Thursday night  -- and noted: "We're watching, I would think, history, right in front of us nightly.’’

He's absolutely correct.

What Ortiz is doing -- 79 RBI in 87 games -- is extraordinary. He's on pace for one of his greatest seasons, period. But the fact that he's doing at 40, and in his final season, is all the more remarkable.

There's the endless ream of stats to track, and how Ortiz is on pace to have the most homers by anyone at his age, or the most RBI.

But sometimes, just watching him is enough context. You don't need to know how he stacks up with others at his age, or in their retirement seasons.

Instead, you watch him drive a ball into the screen in the right field foul pole, which is almost cartoonish.

Then, several hours later, you watch him launch a rocket into the right field bleachers off a major league pitcher. For his second homer in as many nights, for his fifth homer in his last seven games.

And then you check the numbers -- gaudy as they are -- and realize he's got more than two months to add to them.

Historic, indeed.