Red Sox

Red Sox

BOSTON - As if things were going badly enough for Pablo Sandoval, he was forced from the game in the top of the sixth inning after suffering from what the club announced was dehydration.

"The first I became aware of it,'' said John Farrell after the Red Sox were roughed up by the Chicago White Sox, 9-2, "was when he came out.''

In the third inning, Sandoval drew a leadoff walk. Catcher Ryan Hanigan drilled a double to the gap in right-center as the ball got between Chicago center fielder Adam Eaton and right fielder Avisail Garcia.

Third base coach Brian Butterfield waved home Sandoval, who was out at the plate, but Farrell defended Butterfield's call.

"Where the ball was picked up -- recognizing there was nobody out in the inning -- but where the ball was picked up in relation to where he was on the basepaths,'' said Farrell, "you think that's a run that should score. Whether or not he was declining in speed because of the on-set of dehydration, I can't answer that.

"But he was past the 45-foot mark (i.e. more than halfway between second and third) when the ball was picked up in right-center field, and you think you're in pretty good shape to score there.''

And speaking of pretty good shape: Sandoval's conditioning and weight have been issues. Might that have contributed to the dehydration?

"That's something that Pablo has dealt with his entire career,'' said Farrell. "It continues to be addressed. I can't say tonight is a direct result of that, but there are ongoing efforts support that, to try to get him in the best shape possible.''