Red Sox

Red Sox

“Bring out the gimp.  The gimp is sleeping. Then wake him up.” 

David Price is the Red Sox gimp.  And likes it.

Do I think he digs the whips, chains, full leather body suits and red ball action found in Pulp Fiction?  Not physically. But mentally? Without a doubt. 


Price last night went nuts on the Boston media, including our own Evan Drellich and the Herald’s Steve Buckley.  His name is added to a long Red Sox list of media haters that includes the likes of Ted Williams, Roger Clemens, Carl Everett and Derek Lowe. The difference between the others and Price is I think this is what Price wanted all along.

I believe David Price isn’t happy unless he’s unhappy. Last season my partner on Arbella’s Early Edition, Trenni Kusnierek asked price about the accomplishment of winning the division. Price responded with a snarky remark about his $217 million salary. Her question had nothing to do with his salary and his answer opened him up for more, well, pain. He just can’t let it go. He wants to spar with the Boston media. He wants to feel the pain of their punches. 

There is no other explanation for his outburst last night. He is pitching well and made all of us eat our shoes when he bounced back from that poor outing in Pawtucket. Now is the time he should be smiling from ear to ear. But David needs to find the pain.  


Yesterday he told Dan Shaughnessy that he was done talking to the media except on the days he pitched. Okay, that’s his choice. Heck, Steve Carlton never talked to anyone. But when Drellich simply posted on social media that it was well within Price’s right to do so, suddenly Price went nuts.

I’ve seen this drill before. Chances are someone told Price that Drellich posted something about him and the lefty, without reading it, lost it on Evan. Why? Because he was chomping at the bit to lash out at somebody. That's the best to ensure that the pain will keep on coming.