Red Sox

Red Sox

NEW YORK — Red Sox manager John Farrell expects to talk to David Price about his post-game anger directed at reporters on Wednesday night, including's Evan Drellich and the Herald's Steve Buckley.

“There will be follow-up, yeah," Farrell said. "Again, we would like all off our players to deal with you all, the media, with respect. I can’t say he was not disrespectful. Granted, there was an emotional conversation that took place last night. That will be talked about with him.”

Farrell said no conversation took place prior to Price's start on Thursday because it was a day he was pitching.


"You know the different personalities and you know how they go about their day on game day," Farrell said in the Yankee Stadium press conference room, where his normal pre-game sessions are held while playing the Yanks. "So to distract him away from that, that’s probably not the day in which to do that. I will say this to all our players, that the resources that we provide them with in just dealing with the media — we respect that you have a job to do. 

"And while there may be differences of opinion at times ... hopefully, they’re able to settle it and move on from it. 

"Here’s the thing, David Price is one hell of a teammate. He’s a very strong competitor. The support he gives his teammates in the clubhouse and that dugout is outstanding. And it’s returned to him. I think he genuinely appreciates competing with the Red Sox, the city of Boston and going out and working with his teammates to compete to win a championship."