Red Sox

Red Sox

SAN DIEGO -- David Ortiz isn't sure what he's going to do after he retires, but on Tuesday night, following his final All-Star game, he seemed interested in perhaps becoming a baseball executive.

In a 20-minute press conference after he came out of the game following two plate appearances, Ortiz openly wished that both Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Fernandez bring their talents to Fenway Park.

Encarnacion, the Toronto Blue Jays DH, is a free agent after this season. When Ortiz came out of the game in the top of the third inning, Encarnacion went into the game to run for him at first base.

And that, apparently, got Ortiz to thinking.

"The Red Sox know also they need to bring a force in the middle of the lineup (after Ortiz retires),'' said Ortiz. "And sorry, Blue Jays, but who better than Encarnacion to do that?''

Ortiz also turned his attention to the Red Sox starting rotation.

Fernandez had promised Ortiz Monday that if he got a chance to face Ortiz in the game, he would serve him straight fastballs. Fernandez has repeatedly said that Ortiz was his favorite player growing up.

In the actual at-bat, Ortiz jokingly complained that Fernandez started him off with a changeup, though Fernandez later insisted it was a batting practice-speed fastball.

Competitive juices took over after that and any fastballs Ortiz saw were of the high-octane variety, clocked at 95-96 mph.

"At first, I was throwing fastballs and fastballs and fastballs,'' recounted Fernandez. "Then I said, 'I gotta mix in a breaking ball here and see what happens.' It was amazing (facing Ortiz). I was nervous. I couldn't believe that I was actually pitching to him.''


And then Ortiz put his GM hat on again, speaking of Fernandez.

"I thought he was going to end up playing with me this year,'' said Ortiz with a smile. "You never know. I want him in my starting rotation. We need a little bit of help and hopefully that will happen at some point. Who knows?''

Fernandez is under the Miami Marlins' control for the next two seasons after this one.

Tuesday marked the second time in the last month that someone associated with the Red Sox publicly envisioned Fernandez pitching for the Red Sox. Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez, who has an advisory capacity with the Sox, tweeted that he could picture Fernandez in a Boston uniform, only to be rebuked by MLB officials for tampering.

"It's an honor for Pedro and everyone to be saying that,'' said Fernandez. "I think a lot of people see that when I pitch, I give my heart out there and give everything that I have when I'm ever out there. I love and respect this game and wherever I'm going to be pitching, for the rest of my career, anywhere that is, I'll be doing the best that I can for my team to win.''