Red Sox

Red Sox

BOSTON - Thursday was a big day for Dustin Pedroia. Unfortunately he didn't get the news he was hoping for.

Pedroia, sidelined by a nagging hamstring injury, will remain on the sidelines until at least the second week in September, maybe longer.

"He had some imagining done and the imaging is saying that he needs to continue strengthening for another ten days which will get him right around to the end of the month where he'll begin running activity and ramp up for 10-14 days," Lovullo said. "And sometime around the 10th of September we're looking for his return. Inside of that first set of strengthening we'll also include hitting, some really light ground balls, nothing too strenuous. All along the lines of continuing to strengthen that area behind his knee and get him ready for some running activity to ramp him up for that day in September."

Pedroia was not aware of what the imagining revealed as of about 3:30 pm, but was told before Lovullo spoke with the media at 4:30.

Knowing Pedroia, he wasn't happy with the result.

"It's one of those things where we are a little disappointed but we understand when you're an injured player like that it takes time to recuperate," Lovullo said. "You can't force a player to get in there too quickly. Here's one of our best players, our leaders and we miss him for a while. But it's given other players a chance to play and perform. We need Dustin, we want Dustin and we know he's going to be back as soon as possible."

By the time Pedroia returns, there will be no minor league games to rehab in. That could complicate matters a bit, but Lovullo said they'll cross that bridge when they get to it.