Red Sox

Red Sox

BOSTON - Hanley Ramirez won't play again in 2015, and it's quite likely that Pablo Sandoval won't, either.

Interim manager Torey Lovullo announced that Ramirez's work at first base has been halted after his injured right shoulder didn't respond.

"He will not play first base this year,'' said interim manager Torey Lovullo. "He'll be shut down for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, his shoulder was not responding the way we wanted it to. His effort, his focus, his interest in playing first base never ever wavered. It was just a matter of his right shoulder not responding to what he was asking it to do.

"As a result, we felt like it was most important at this point to focus on 2016 and give him the proper rest he needs.''

Lovullo said the team remains "very interested'' in having Ramirez play first in spring training next February.

"We feel like with the proper spring training under (third base coach and infield instructor) Brian Butterfield, Hanley will be exactly where he needs to be,'' said Lovullo.

Lovullo said surgery to repair the shoulder "is not at all likely. It's more of a shutdown with rest right now.''

Sandoval, meanwhile, has been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Sandoval missed the first two games in Toronto last weekend before returning to action on Sunday. He was then removed from that game in the eighth after experiencing lightheadedness.

He remained out of the lineup for the first three games of the homestand and was initially diagnosed with an upper-respiratory infection.


"He's home resting, trying to get comfortable,'' said Lovullo of Sandoval. "On Saturday, he'll be re-evaluated and we'll have an update at that point....We are sensitive to our players' health and we know that a player sitting in bed on Saturday, with pneumonia, on Saturday, it could be a challenge for him to get out of bed and feel comfortable and strong within a few days time.

"I already know what he's going to want to do. He's going to want to slug his way (into the lineup). But we have to be careful with this situation. Pneumonia's a very delicate thing.''