Red Sox

Red Sox

The Red Sox believe David Price will recover from the elbow injury that's sidelined him in spring training, but it looks as if he won't return to action until May at the earliest.


“I think he’ll be fine based upon what the doctors have told me, what David feels,” said Red Sox president of baseball operations Dombrowski. “We got to take our time. You don’t ever want to rush that. I’m sure that we could have pushed him a little bit further at this point even quicker. I think he’ll be fine. And I think that he’ll be a good pitcher.”

“I think part of the thing that he did, to me, probably what happened is, which is unfortunate but it did, he did some winter time work this year, which was discussed with him which he did great, some pilates and all that type stuff. Really loosened up his hip. His delivery was free and easy. Probably overdid it a little bit that one day (he was hurt). But he was throwing hard earlier, but that’d be my instinct.

“He was getting out there and it probably irritated him a little bit at that point. Nobody knows for sure, I don’t really know what happened. I know he was throwing well all spring. I think he’ll be fine.”

No timetable has been offered by the team on Price, but the longer he's off the mound, the more time to build up is needed. He was hurt Feb. 28.


More on Price's next step could become clear soon.

"Still strengthening phase," manager John Farrell told reporters in Florida on Monday. "He still does some light throwing just to keep his arm moving. I know there’s going to be a recheck (on Tuesday with head team orthopedist Dr. Peter Asnis). So based on that, on how he feels, what the next phase will become and when that initiates more throwing with some intensity, I don’t have that start date.

"I don't want to say he gets full clearance to begin a mound progression at that point. It’s more about just evaluating his strength, where he is now compared to where it was when he came into camp, where it was at the time of the incident. I know it’s not a clear cut answer for you, but that’s what I have right now."

The Red Sox have an eye out for pieces to supplement their pitching depth.