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We asked's Red Sox insider, Sean McAdam, the same questions we're asking you in our preseason survey.  Over the next few days, Sean will give his answers; see if you agree and, if you haven't already, click the link and cast your votes.

This question: Which offseason acquisition will work out the WORST? Click here for his answer to today's other question: Which offseason acquisition will work out the BEST?

Asked recently his opinion on lefty Wade Miley, a National League scout, who has seen him often, winced a bit.

"Not a lot of margin for error there,'' assessed the scout. And indeed, Miley isn't someone who is going to blow hitters away or gets lot of swing-and-misses.

In the National League, he's been a competent, durable middle-of the-rotation starter. But the N.L. West has a bunch of pitcher-friendly ballparks and thin lineups.

The American League, even in an offensively-challenged era, is a far tougher assignment for a pitcher who doesn't miss a lot of bats.

It will help Miley that his infield defense will be far better than it was with the Diamondbacks. But any time you put the ball in play in Fenway, you face the potential for trouble.

I don't envision Miley being terrible. But a back-end starter would seem to be his ceiling, and I predict he'll have less impact than any of the half-dozen or so free agent or trade acquisitions the Sox made over the winter.


Check back tomorrow when Sean answers these two questions: 1) Which young player will make the biggest contribution? 2) Who will be the closer at the end of the season?