BALTIMORE -- Robby Scott might make things interesting when it comes to the postseason roster.

Scott, who wasn't even on the 40-man roster on Aug. 30, was called upon to start the ninth inning Wednesday night -- in a relatively close game (four-run lead), against a division opponent, on the road.

That would have been unthinkable a few short weeks ago.

But Scott continues to earn the trust of manager John Farrell and the coaching staff and keeps handling the challenges placed in front of him.

On Wednesday night, he came in to start the ninth, facing Chris Davis. Dropping down with his arm angle, Scott struck out the lefty power hitter.

Farrell left little doubt that that was designed as something of a test.

"That was an important at-bat for him,'' Farrell said, "and an important at-bat for us, to get an idea what a situational left-hander may look like. His story is a really compelling one and a really unique one. To put him in that spot, against one of the better lefty power hitters in our league, he fared very well.

"To see him on that stage and in that moment . . . he couldn't have handled it any better.''

Might it be that Scott could be a surprise addition to the postseason roster as a lefty specialist? Quite possibly.