Red Sox

Red Sox

SEATTLE -- As part of an effort to pay tribute to the Negro Leagues, both the Red Sox and Seattle Mariners wore throwback uniforms for Saturday's game.

The Mariners wore the uniforms of the Seattle Steelheads, while the Red Sox had the uniforms of the Boston Royal Giants.

The Royal Giant uniforms were gray with navy trim and block-lettered "Boston'' on the front, along with dark blue caps with red trip, as worn by the Royal Giants in the 1946 season.

"I actually just got a look at them,'' said Jackie Bradley Jr., the lone African-American on the team. "It's basically honoring the Negro Leagues and the guys who played during that time. It's an honor to be able to put the uniform on. I'm definitely going to enjoy the night and have fun with it.''

Bradley said he had a basic understanding of the history of the Negro Leagues, but confessed: "I wouldn't say I know it in depth. I know about it and some of the people who played. But not enough to go into an in-depth discussion about it.

"I appreciate (the history) a lot. I realize what that they had to endure during their time and (how what they did) allows different minorities to play the game now.''

"I think it's kind of one of the neat things we're able to do,'' said John Farrell, "to pay tribute to those who played a number of years ago. You get a chance to see some things a little bit differently than otherwise.''