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NBCSB BREAKFAST POD: Price spins a gem, Sox grab first win of 2018

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NBCSB BREAKFAST POD: Price spins a gem, Sox grab first win of 2018

1:19 - The Red Sox picked up their first win of the season last night behind a strong performance from David Price. Lou Merloni, DJ Bean, Michael Holley and Phil Perry break down Price’s outing and continue the discussion about the bullpen.

6:51 - In an interview with Sports Illustrated TV, Malcolm Butler made a few comments about wanted to speak up during the Super Bowl about his benching. On Early Edition Trenni, Lou and Mike Giardi discuss how this brings us closer to understanding Bill Belichick’s decision.

10:39 - Chris Forsberg, Michael Holley and DJ Bean debate how much credit Danny Ainge should be getting for the ascendance of impressive young talent on the Celtics.

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Player: Butler benching 'wasn't without merit'

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Player: Butler benching 'wasn't without merit'

In the wake of Malcolm Butler's interview with Sports Illustrated, I texted a couple of current Patriots for their reaction to Butler's recent comments. Their responses were interesting:

Butler says he wanted to confront Belichick and Patricia

Butler says he wanted to confront Belichick and Patricia

The Malcolm Butler mystery gets curiouser and curiouser with the release of an episode of the Sports Illustrated and Amazon mini-documentary series "SI: Under The Cover"  that focuses on the former Patriots cornerback's free agency. 

Butler said while he stood on the sideline during the Super Bowl - benched for still fully unexplained reasons - he wanted to ask Bill Belichick or Matt Patricia for an explanation, but just "stayed in my lane."

“There was times when I was on the sideline and I just wanted to go up and say to Belichick or Matt Patricia and just say, ‘Is this how we’re gonna end this?’ I grew up in the Patriots system and I’m a man of God. I respect my authority and I just couldn’t ask them for something they didn’t want to do. I just was doing my job. I was close to going up there and saying what I wanted to say to Matt or Belichick, but I just stayed in my lane and just did my job. And I really wanted to go ask him, but I didn’t,” Butler said.

Butler, who wound up signing a five-year, $61 million contract with the Tennessee Titans, speculated about a different Super Bowl outcome if he had played. 

“Would we have won if I played? Probably. Maybe. I’m not sure,” he said.  “But I would say we were short about one or two plays, and I’ve seen a couple plays out there I could’ve made.”

Here's a trailer for the episode via SI: